Oklahoma Land Garants and Other (Census Class Code NA)


Oklahoma Land Grants & Other Unclassified Civil Features

Civil Features Not Classified by the US Census Bureau:

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Broken Bow Independent School District McCurtain Broken Bow
Canadian District (historical) Muskogee Unknown
Cooweescoowee District (historical) Rogers Unknown
Delaware District (historical) Delaware Unknown
Flint District (historical) Adair Unknown
Fort Sill Indian School Reservation (historical) Comanche Lawton
Goingsnake District (historical) Adair Unknown
Illinois District (historical) Cherokee Unknown
Illinois District (historical) Sequoyah Unknown
Kalhoma Indian Reservation (historical) Pontotoc Steedman
Lees Creek District (historical) Sequoyah Unknown
Little Axe Independent School District Cleveland Stella
McCurtain Indian Reservation (historical) Haskell Lafayette
Neosho District (historical) Delaware Unknown
Optima School District Texas Unknown
Rainy Mountain Indian School Reservation (historical) Kiowa Unap Mountain
Saline District (historical) Delaware Unknown
Sallisaw District (historical) Sequoyah Unknown
Sans Bois Haskell Robert S Kerr Dam
Sequoyah District (historical) Sequoyah Unknown
Tahlequah District (historical) Cherokee Unknown
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